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Losec and Constipation

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    Losec and Constipation

    Hi all,

    My baby has been on losec for her reflux. Before she was on Losec, she used to poo every day but once she started on Losec, she would only poo every second day, then gradually to every third day or even every fourth day. I see her face going red as if she wants to pass gas/is straining to poo.....The label does say that one of the side effect of losec is constipation, did anyone have the similar experience? I told my baby's doctor about losec causing constipation (if you think about it, stopping acid production may slow down the digestive system in some way?) but she is not convinced.....

    She is currently on half breastmilk and supplemented by formula. I really need help because I think my poor baby is now being bothered by both reflux pain AND constipation!!!! HELP! I tried giving her brown sugar and water but it doesnt seem to work..............


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    Hi Diane,

    My 3 months old baby girl had constipation problems as well which was actually caused by the formula used. Now, we use Nestle Nan 1 with Volvic water (recommended for babies bottles as rich in minerals) and since then she is fine. I am not sure it will help. Good luck!

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