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For those of you who got acupuncture for IVF

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    For those of you who got acupuncture for IVF

    Some people seem to do acupuncture for months before the IVF cycle whereas others seem to start only weeks or days before.

    Not coincidentally, some acupuncturists like Dr. Sing seem to start acupuncture on the first day of your period (or around that time) while others (like Dr. Sum - Dr. Sing's former associate) prefer to start 2 months before your next IVF cycle.

    Anyone have any input as to which method is better or which you prefer or which is more common? Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated.

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    Liquorice is offline Registered User
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    I only ever had acupuncture for just 30-45 minutes before the embryo transfer. I had it for my first IVF try (which failed) but not for the second try (an FET which succeeded) because I had to keep my bladder full for too long and found it very uncomfortable.

    Haven't used it for any longer period of time for fertility, but based on my experience above, I don't think using it at the last minute makes much difference/is effective.

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    paradisebaby is offline Registered User
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    I have been doing acupuncture since June 2010. I will be going thru ivf in December, just started my birth control pill. I am doing once a week acupuncture. Hopefully that will help in ivf process. Is it better to do it before embryo transfer? What about while u r taking shots? is it safer to do acupuncture?

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    Acupuncture actually helped calm me down and reduce anxiety so I've been doing it for almost 2 years. Usually start on day 2 and go once per week. With IVF, I started on day 2 or 3, had acupuncture during the stimulation (1-2 times per week), on the day before embryo transfer, same day after embryo transfer, and then 3 times per week after transfer.

    If you get stressed because of the needles then I would opt not to do it - it just varies from person to person.

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    sakula is offline Registered User
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    Has anyone tried Dr. Sum of Health & Joy– TCM Clinic before/during her IVF treatment and got pregnant ? I was told that his success rate is quite good

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