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One breast producing more milk than the other

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    my right breast always produced more. i could get 150ml in about 5-10 minutes of pumping from that breast and only about 50 from the left...

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    My right side is also consistently producing more than my left. i don't really worry about it, although I did some stuff to increase my left side, but it doesn't seem to bother my little girl - she gets enough from each, although she does tend to choke a bit on the right if it is really full! :) No need for her to suck sometimes - it can be like a fountain! (But NEVER like that on the left!)
    There is quite a bit that you can do to 'even' up your supply, but it has to be done over time, maybe a week or so. I read some useful info on It involves more consistent and longer pumping sessions on the 'lesser' side. One thing I did was pump my left breast every time after she fed on that side (for a few days) - it did increase that side, but after a while I didn't bother because she was obviously getting enough anyway.
    I think it isn't really a huge deal, except perhaps in the case where the size of your breasts may be vastly different which you may be uncomfortable with (esp when going out!). You can google uneven milk production and there is a fair bit of info out there that you may find worth a read.

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    Just to second (or third/fourth/fifth - whatever) what everyone else said, it's completely normal. I didn't notice it specifically the first time around, but I did notice that my daughter was happier on my right side. Now that I'm exclusively pumping, I notice that I get about 50% more from my right than my left. If I pump 100mL from my left, I get 150 from my right generally.

    I do notice that my right side is generally bigger than my left and I guess it's because it's got more milk! But I ONLY leak from my left side generally speaking, weird hey?

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