Hi All,

I am about to sign a contract and need some help on the questions please. i am expecting and have a lot of nausea so have asked the helper tp apply for her visa herself. she has been here 10 years and knows the stuff. please help me on the below

1. i have filled in all my particulars in the contract and havent filled in her name etc. shall I just sign it and then give it to her to fill in her particulars and then let her apply for the visa?

2. is the helper 9600 hk$ levy still suspended?

3. she is currently in HK and has finished her contract. Am I correct in assuming that she does not have to got to her home country and can delay her leave by another few months (less than a year)

4. she committed to me that she will start on 2nd november and her current contract finishes on 28th october. can I mention this somewhere in the contract? she is changing employers but has finished the contract with previous one. the contract has 3 clauses and the one i think is appropriate, says ("the date when immogration grants the helper permission to remain in HK to begin employment under new contract.").
is there any minimum gap between the two jobs that she is required to take? she cant start with me immeditately , after 28th oct, even if i sign the contract now and she applies her documents now?

thanks a lot!!!!