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Car seat on plane

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    Car seat on plane

    Hi everyone. I'm taking my 7 month old baby on a long haul flight and have bought a separate seat for him. Do you know what kind of car seat they allow on planes? I'm flying BA and their website says it has to be FAA approved, 5 point harness, front facing etc.. quite a lot of rules but would be interested to hear from anyone who had actually taken their carseat and which brand it was. I have a Maxi Cosi Cabriofix but I don't think it meets any of the requirements. Thanks.

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    This may not be of the most direct relevance to you, but I have a Sit N Stroll (which is FAA approved) and have taken that onto Singapore Airlines and Air France flights. I got my travel agent to check with the airline first that it was OK and brought the manual/certificate with me to the check in desk so that the staff could double check if need be. Airline staff always seem to be terrified of car seats and you get some consternation when checking in. Just keep smiling!

    Good luck!

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    See if you can get a refund on the seat you've bought for your 7 month old as you probably will not require it -BA actually have great bassinets and a car seat sort of bassinet for taller babies if yours needs that --as far as I know, BA is the only airline that has these special bassinets -I used them with our son at 4 months and at 14 months and they were still fine -- they are absolutely brilliant - recline etc -sort of like a bouncy chair so that the baby can be sitting up, reclining at 45 degrees etc or totally flat..Perhaps call and see if they still have them and will reserve one for you.

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