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Meet the Brit girl whose mum put her on a diet at the age of 2

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    Meet the Brit girl whose mum put her on a diet at the age of 2

    A British woman has had her eight-year-old daughter on a near starvation diet for six years.

    Corleigh has been on the regime since the age of two and is allowed just 700 calories a day -1,000 fewer than recommended.

    However, Aly Gilardoni insists she is acting in her daughter's best interests.

    "Being over weight dominates my life. I don't want Cor leigh to be like me," the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

    "Aly is inflict ing her issues on her daughter - she needs to see a psychiatrist," Christian Jessen, a doctor on Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies, said.

    "Calorie restricting a normal-weight child is unnecessary and detrimental to her health.

    "Her immune system will suffer, her growth may be affected, puberty will be delayed and there will be a risk of osteoporosis as well as mineral and vita min deficiency.

    "More worryingly, from a psy chological point of view, this could trigger severe anorexia that could ultimately kill her," the Doctor added.

    Miss Gilardoni said:"I don't want a fat child. I'm obsessed with how she looks. I want her to be pretty and popular and she wouldn't be if she was bigger.

    She admits her daughter, who was anaemic until she was five, is now afraid of being fat: "She's always looking in mirrors. I feel guilty - but it's how I want her to be," she said.

    Miss Gilardoni, from Ips wich, says she started comfort eating aged 13, and was a size 20 by the time she was 16. She is now a size 22.

    She broke up with Corleigh's father six years ago and, lacking confidence because of her size, vowed her daughter would never get fat: Her "getting an eating dis order like anorexia would be preferable".

    Typically, Corleigh eats Weeta bix for breakfast, salad and half a roll for lunch, and a jacket potato for dinner.

    "With an eating disorder you can get through it with therapy. But when you're fat, you're fat for life," she added.

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    Wow! Isn't that like child endangerment? Child services should be interfering. How about getting your child interested in physical activities and start with herself so she sets a positive example!

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    It's more common than you'd think. Before working for us my helper worked for a family from the US. The mum was a fitness buff and ate an egg White for bfast, protein bar for lunch and salad for dinner. They had two daughters under 3 who weren't allowed to eat carbs!! The girls were always hungry and my helper would sneak them on occasion! The crazy thing is for dinner they alternated between microwaved chicken nuggetts and microwaved hot dogs (no bun of course!) so while she was concerned about weight, health was irrelevant. It's frightening that they are subjected to this from such an early age.
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    It's unhealthy to compare ourselves (as adults) to unrealistic body types but so unfair to subject it to children who have no idea and are supposed to learn a healthy attitude towards food and health. Interesting they're allowed chicken nuggets (breaded I'm guessing) but not vegetables.

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    When I was a kid in the States, one of the neighborhood girls would walk to my house so we could walk to school together. She was a tiny bit chubby -- kind of naturally plump and rounded -- but not obese by any means.
    Her mother was a rather glamourous divorcee. I can't remember if she was an actress or performer, but it was something like that. Anyway, the little girl was on the most ridiculous diet. She'd only get half a grapefruit for breakfast. And you could tell from her natural build that she would never be stick thin, even if she starved.
    My mom used to feed her bagels on the sly!

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