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Infections and matilda?

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    Infections and matilda?

    Has anyone contracted an infection after giving birth at the Matilda? I gave birth back in the summer and had an episiotomy which still hasn't healed due a recurring infection caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria. I think I may have picked up the infection from the hospital and was wondering whether anyone else had experienced similar problems?

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    I haven't experienced a similar problem but wanted to say that it could be possible. I didn't find the birthing suite particularly clean. The hospital I was at in Sydney was cleaner looking. Also, while we were there, there was a cockroach!

    Did you see your OBGYN about the problem? He should be able to sort it out. I know mine was still looking out for me after birth! But he's a lovely man :-)

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    MRSA (presumably)and VRE were once considered nosocomial/hospital acquired infections, but unfortunately that is no longer always the case. For example, with MRSA, you could have been colonized with it and until you had a skin break it may never have caused a problem. It's quite hard to tell exactly the source, but I know in the US MRSA/Nosocomial infection rates are public record, but I am unaware of the tracking and disclosure requirements (if any) in HK. Maybe someone has some input on that? clearly if the rates are significantly higher at one institution than another there must be some providers there who are passing it along. Best of luck with your healing!

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    My son came back from Canossa hospital, where he was born, with impetigo. Noticed it within a couple of weeks, because one ear would be slightly swollen and raised compared with the other. I went to see both public and private doctors and hospitals about it and it was misdiagnosed consistently as eczema for nearly two months before I brought him to Dr. Robert Fung who correctly diagnosed him right away and prescribed a topical antibiotic for his treatment. In short, it's very possible to get an infection from a hospital - even private ones!

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