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Good pregnancy shoes?

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    ssheng is offline Registered User
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    If you need them for work, any of the more high end shoe brands you find at the malls in HK will carry attractive flats. For me, I found that the key to those was getting a pair that is closed toed (open toe tended to pinch more as the pregnancy wore on and my feet grew) and had an adjustable strap in the back (slingback style) to accomodate swelling/growth. Leather was actually better than fabric because it stretches. I liked this pair, although I got all black and do not really like the way it looks in this picture:

    Another pregnant woman at work swore by a Tory Burch pair:

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    Cole haan has stylish shoes which incorporate Nike technology. Wore them during my pregnancy and they were very comfortable but the most comfortable shoes were my cheapy flip flops but it is definitely not suitable for autumn!
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    Shenzhennifer is offline Registered User
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    Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. Time to go shoe shopping this weekend!

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