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Baby rejecting bottle .. help!

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    My babies both rejected their bottles - hated them, so I just had to figure out how to work my schedule around their feeds, even when I was working full-time while nursing one of them! While I loved knowing how much they were drinking from a bottle, it was also making me a little crazy keeping track of how much they were drinking. As Sarah mentioned above, you can yourself a baby scale to make sure the baby is gaining enough weight or you could go to your nearest Maternal and Child Health Clinic, where they'll weigh your baby for you. The one at Tang Chi Ngong where I was going until I got my own baby scale was very understanding and knew me and my baby by name as I was going so often! There's even a lactation nurse and nursing room that welcomed us to come in any time to nurse and watch me nurse as well. For a first time mom, they were a lifesaver!

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    Thanks all for your very helpful advice.

    Things are a little bit better. I've worked out that he is absorbing and digesting most of my breast milk, as when I've gone away for a few days and he is drinking more formula, the poop happens.

    I've put him on a teat with more holes and I agree the momentum thing plays a part. I now let him drink until he pushes the bottle away, and most of the time he manages about 150ml. We are starting solids soon so hopefully will make up for the decrease milk intake.

    Apparently "milk boredom" is quite a well known phenomenon though, esp with the locals! They say it's a phase many babies go through, but will eventually bounce back from it.....

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