Hi there, my helper is finishing her 2-yr contract with me in Singapore. She has served my family very well. She cared for my 2 kids, me and my husband, and my mom. She has VERY GOOD command of English, spoken, written, reading. And best of all, SUPER patient and tolerant.

Furthermore, she has Red Cross first-aid training before. So I trust her to read the medication labels and administer medicine / supplements to my kids, even when I am around the house. She knows how to take temperature when kids are sick. She would alert me when she sense the kids are not quite alright. She even managed to get my kids to drink even Traditional Chinese Medicine, which tastes horrible to me and kids. That's something I can't do.

She has taken my kids from "terrible two" / "jealousy" periods of their young lives to more self-reliant young kids. That includes toileting training (day and night), weaning to full solid food, feeding, taking bath (for elder one), dressing up, falling to sleep, tidying up toys, picking up after themselves, etc.

I am her first employer as domestic helper, so she is still very train-able, adaptable to another family's preference / needs. Not stubborn at all.

Reason for not renewing: My kids are going to primary school. They will spend a lot of time at school and on schoolbus. So me (stay-home-mom) and my mom will be enough to take care of things in my house.

Please contact me at [email protected], and I will send you her resume for your viewing. If you can share with me your background, I can help you to see if she is a good/ potential match for your family. Thanks!