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Best Annabel Karmel book (or other cooking book)

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    Best Annabel Karmel book (or other cooking book)

    My baby will be soon 4 month old, and ready for solid. Although I do plan to breastfeed him till at least 6 month old, I am starting to research on weaning just in case.... I noticed that he is starting to show interest in what we eat, and he would move his mouth (like sticking/sucking his tongue) when he sees me eating.

    I have been checking the Annabel Karmel cooking books from the library, and noticed that the content of her books are quite very similar. As I would like to have one book on hand as a reference and guidance, just wondering which one I should buy. Any suggestion?

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    We love Annabel Karmel's 100 purees and Superfoods. We also used the Petit Appetite cookbook and Jessica Seinfeld's Deceptively Delicious when our son got a bit older.

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    i quite like Annabel Karmel's Superfoods for Babies & children- it has a good range of recipes/ideas. i also like Feeding Fussy Kids by Julie Marie Wood & Antonia Kidman - although my daughter isn't particularly fussy, i like a lot of the recipes in it. I'm not sure if you can get that one here, though. I got my copy in australia.
    i just did a google search to find out the name of the Annabel i have & she has a website that has some recipes on it - that might be useful too -
    the feeding fussy kids book also has a website -

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    I really like the Gina Ford book of weaning. It gives you a step by step (week by week) guide to what foods to introduce and how to balance milk feeds with solids. Very easy to follow and helped me when I was a stressy first time Mum. Also has great recipes as it progresses through the different ages. I had an Annabel Karmel recipe book too and never used it as it didn't help with the introducing of foods etc in the way the Gina Ford one did. For all the reasons why I didn't like the Gina Ford Contented Baby Book (too rigid), I loved the Weaning one as was so step by step.

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