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Following birth plan at QMH

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    geocup Guest

    Following birth plan at QMH

    I'm just wondering if I will have many options if I give birth at QMH. Are they open to different positions while giving birth (squatting)? Do they inform you of all procedures before they are done? Can I move freely whilst laboring? Can i use a shower whilst laboring? Have all baby testing/cleaning done in the presence of a parent? Please let me know how your experience was. Thanks!

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    It really depends on what happens during your labour. For me, both times, I needed to be on Pitocin (my contractions were never regular or strong enough without it) and at QMH that means you cannot be mobile. I think you can shower during the earlier stages of labour (before being admitted to the delivery ward) but not once you're actually in the delivery ward. If you're NOT on pitocin or if you don't have an epidural, I believe you're free to move within your room and use the birthing ball and use different positions - but you don't necessarily know in advance whether or not you will need the pitocin... I never asked about the baby testing/cleaning being done in front of us so I'm not 100% sure about that...

    They are pretty good about following your birth plan and asking you what you want etc... although their policies sometimes do override your preferences...

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    Hi there! They have limited facilities at QMH so it depends how much you want to do. If you choose to get an epidural, it's very limited what position you can be in....I could be in semi-squatting only because I was all hooked up to machines. It depends where they put you when you get admitted. Try to stay home as long as possible so you can shower during your labour then. The labour area is kind of shared so there's no shower really for labouring...they do have labour balls you can use and a TENS machine to borrow to help with managing some pain. Ask for one if you want. I went too early so I was in the labour area for AGES and AGES which probably slowed down my labour. I ended up asking for an inducement and an epidural due to back labour. The delivery area is private so you and your partner can be there alone. If you don't get hooked up to the epidural, I'm sure you can be quite assertive with the midwives and just try different positions as you like with your hubby as your advocate. You can give them a birthplan and they will follow as clos as possible. Most weighing as stuff is done in the same room as delivery unless there are complications and they may need to take the baby to special care. We asked for lights to be dimmed and as few people as possible in the delivery suite and they respected that. I really found our delivery experience quite positve. The labour was tough, but it was pretty good.

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    i did hypnobirthing & the staff at qmh were very good about following my birth plan. the advice i got was to make it no longer than a page, otherwise they won't read it all. The midwives on both shifts took the time to read it & they told us what was def. possible & what was most likely not possible & gave reasons. they were open to me squatting, but they wanted to check me just before i needed to push, so i was on the bed & in the end i just couldn't be bothered moving. they are definitely more comfortable with the lie back, feet in stirrups position, but, as i said, they were open to me squatting.
    if you want to use the ball, you need to do the 'training'. i didn't, but I got a letter from annerley (where i did the hypnobirthing course) saying that i knew how to use one safely. that was enough, so if you're doing private antenatal classes, just get them to write a note.
    hope it all goes well

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    Thanks everyone - I'm delivering at QMH within the next couple of weeks and this is all very encouraging!

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    I was a QM just a few weeks ago, and I agree with all the pp. They will try to follow the birth plan as much as possible, and they will let you do a lot, as far as move around or be in different positions. I found, though, they they won't encourage it--you and your partner just have to make it happen if you want. Same for things like eating and drinking--they won't stop you from it, but don't encourage it or remind you to keep at it. And I would strongly say to wait as long as possible before going in--being in the labor ward is just not a good place to be in labor! Hard to relax, little support, not with your partner, etc. Best of luck to you!

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