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Childcare Predicament! suggestions?

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    Childcare Predicament! suggestions?

    We are here temporarily (6 months which is unofficially turning into two years - should have more details in January) However, because we are here for a relatively short time (current Visas expire in 6 months, new ones won't be applied for/issued until early next year due to corporate budgets, etc.)

    This leaves me helperless (as we can't get a visa for one since we are not permanent, presumably) and husbandless (here on a project basis, working a lot, which is great career wise and he is still home to put our daughter to bed, but it leaves me without much ability to do anything.) I'd love to be able to go to the gym at least 3x/week, get my hair cut/colored at some point, etc.

    Any suggestions for babysitting that aren't outrageously expensive?

    and sorry for the multitude of parentheses and etc.s!

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    I understand where you are coming from as we were in a serviced apartment for the 1st 3 months we were here and so had no helper; no problem generally as i was used to looking after the children, cooking etc full time (and had no cleaning to do or big laundry) but it is hard not having ability to go to gym or even do admin things without taking 2 preschoolers along. Only thing I can suggest is a friend advertised for part time help - I know it is illegal to have a part time DH but she got responses from a number that could work legally ie married to locals etc so it is worth a try. She advertised in local supermarket but got most responses for an online ad on 'the other site'.

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    I know a legal part-time babysitter and helper - her husband is a pastor so she has a dependent visa. I know she's already helping a couple of families with children - things like bringing them to school, cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, etc., but I don't know her rates. I'll send you a message with contact details.

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