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7 Signs of a Bad Doctor--Useful if you're looking for a doc

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    Funny article:)
    I have been to a private clinic near me in Tsuen Wan and I have never waited for more than 15 minutes or so. That was to see a GP, and that is often on a walk in basis or when I call right before. They are never busy, but I can't say I would go there for anything serious. Price - $200 plus drugs. Would the GPs meet more than 1 or 2 of the criteria listed? I don't know about that...
    I have seen about 15 or so other private specialists and GPs in my time here. The vast majority would definitely fail that list, in a big way. In fact, I have met with so many ridiculously arrogant private doctors, it's been laughable. I will always remember that about HK.
    The 3 doctors I have dealt with in the public system during my antenatal care have all been ok, I think. Less so for the nurses and midwives I have encountered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thanka2 View Post
    Uh, oh! Now the cat's out of the bag and everyone is going to go to your GP for that cheap price and short wait time! No longer will you be able to have either! *Joking* Well, I have to say, that's pretty amazing.

    How much do you pay for you OBGYN? Is he/she also $150 HKD/consultation? That's pretty wonderful that you don't have to wait more than 30 minutes. In my book, that's remarkable. Do any other ladies out there have similar tales to tell of short wait times and cheap consultation fees? I'd be interested to hear.
    My GP isn't a "well known" one among expats - although I frequently do see other expats there, but she mainly treats locals. That's why she's cheaper, I think. I have recommended her to many other people - but some still prefer to go into Central to the more well known ones. She is also a pediatrician too and has done all of my daughter's immunisations etc. And she's in North Point pretty close to me - although not walking distance, sadly ;)

    My ObGyn is Dr Patrick Chan and he charges $500 for a consultation - not overwhelmingly cheap but not as expensive as others!! I was amazed that I didn't have to wait for an hour - first time in HK for me (for an ObGyn that is...)

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    One thing that I don't like about the doctors here in Hong Kong is that they do not do referal when the patient condition is out there expertise. In the US, for example, it is common to refer to specialist. Like once I needed a root canal treatment and they refered me to a specialist. Then I would go back to the original dentist for the filling.

    Once I went to a dentist here in HK because I wanted to change a crown, and the dentist just scared the hell out of me saying that by removing the old crown, the root of the tooth may broke, and that I may end needing an implant that will cost like 20K or something like that. My thought is, if she is not confident removing the crown, why didn't she refer me to someone that know how to do that?
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