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Thinking of returning home to give birth

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    penguinsix is offline Registered User
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    36 weeks is about the limit when airlines will start to refuse you boarding. You also need to watch out for dehydration which can lead to premature labor and DVT, which might be a problem as you probably aren't going to be as mobile as you would be (exercising your arms and whatnot) while you are in your seat. American athletes, who fly relatively long distances frequently for sporting events, drink approximately 12 fl oz of liquid for every hour on a plane. In your case that would be 144 fl oz, or in metric 4.25 litres during the flight (yup, you'll be visiting the bathroom quite a bit).

    Unless there are some citizenship/nationality issues that basically require you to give birth in your home country, you might want to consider looking around at other options here in HK. Seems an awful effort to go through.

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    Nov 2010

    I am newly pregnant with my first child and living in Ma On Shan. I am trying to decide where to give birth and had been considering Shatin Union Hospital. What's the problem with their policies? Thanks a lot!

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    Thanks for all the responses. I've had some time to think and discuss with my husband and I am going to stay here in HK, mainly because it's a long way to fly when heavily pregnant, and it will be very expensive and disruptive for the family. The other thing I realised that if everything does not go to plan and I end up in a hospital anyway, it would all be a waste of time.

    Instead I've registered at PWH and I intend to educate myself as much as possible about natural childbirth techniques. I also plan to hire Hulda from Annerley to act as my doula. If all goes well, I want to arrive at the hospital at the last minute (so do most of the labouring at home)and then get out ASAP afterward. I'm going to write a specific birth plan because I understand that PWH will honour them.

    tsbasa - my main reasons for not choosing Union (or any private hospital for that matter) is that to do so, you have to have a private OB. For my first pregnancy I had one but I felt like I didn't need him (I had no problems so it was overkill), and I also feel like having a private OB increases the likelyhood of intervention, including c-sect. I also know Union's c-sect rates are very high (probably no higher than any other private hospital though). That is the one thing I want to avoid the most.

    I don't want to be separated from my baby after birth, and I know Union doesn't allow rooming in with your baby unless you get an expensive private room AND you hire a nanny/nurse to be there with you all the time. I don't get that. It makes no sense to me. I also understand they are not very breast-feeding friendly, and this is very important to me. These are the main reasons. I would not have understood the implications of these policies had this been my first baby so I am glad I am a second-time mum and I know what I want in my birth this time.

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