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Gina Ford Routine for a 6 wk year old

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    southside852 is offline Registered User
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    Gina Ford Routine for a 6 wk year old

    We've decided to do the Gina Ford sleep schedule with my 2nd son. My 1st son had reflux so getting on a routine was quite difficult. I am wondering what experiences people have had with Gina's schedule. My son has just turned 6 weeks and sleeps about 5 hours straight at night, then 3 and 3.

    My questions for those who have successfully used Gina as a guide are:
    1) did you follow her suggestions sleep/awake times to a tee?
    2) If your baby was still sleeping, did you wake him/her up for a feed?
    3) What happens if your baby cannot stay awake for the 1.5/2 hour stretch?


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    yonge is offline Registered User
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    Sorry, but Gina Ford never worked for me. My babies were both small and could never reach the weight milestones that she has for each age stage. I did appreciate her general advice, though - on having more feeds during the day, so you'd have fewer of them at night, arranging the nursery, getting black-out curtains, etc.

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    Sazzy is offline Registered User
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    In order for Gina Ford to work, you need a Gina Ford baby!!

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    shuchisingh is offline Registered User
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    sazzy - couldnt agree more :)

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    Same for Tracy Hogg, the Baby Whisperer!
    Posted via Mobile Device

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    newbiekt is offline Registered User
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    I did a slightly relaxed Gina Ford with both my sons and it has worked really well for us. The things I did stick to were the intervals between feeds as closely as possible and the nap times. So by 6 weeks my sons were both on 4 hourly feeds (one is now 19 months and one is 6 months!) I found if things slipped by half an hour it didn't matter too much. I definitely did wake to feed both in the daytime and for the dream feed at 10.30pm and also woke them in the morning at 7.00am if ever they slept that long (not often!) As they get towards 12 weeks the amount of you start cutting down the daytime sleep so I just checked that every now and then and made sure I was cutting it down enough. I think the discipline of a lunchtime nap is great and the bedtime routine works well. The morning and afternoon naps are a slightly more moveable feast!

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    sharrie_t is offline Registered User
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    I tried following GF's routine to a tee with my first daughter. I was really unhappy for the first few months when a young baby just can't be trained into a routine. This time round, I still try to use GF's routine but adapt it to my baby's needs and our lifestyle. Yonge is right on the general advice. I find that having my daughter sleep in a quiet and dark room means that she'll have an undisturbed sleep and will be fresh when she's awakes, letting her feed longer so that she can get the hind milk which will keep her fuller for longer, etc.

    1) Not to a tee. Adapt it to your baby's needs.
    2) Sometimes, depending on how late she's been sleeping. But I do get her up at the 10.30-11p.m. feed.
    3) I'll just let her sleep and adjust her entire sleep for the day to meet the required sleeping time.

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    Can I just add that i think that a routine will only work for you and your baby if you yourself are a 'routine based' person. Gina Ford worked for one of my clients who engaged her for her first child; I went in for the second baby to help the Mum and her biggest 'complaint' was not the method used so much as the overly strict attitude which went with it and my client really felt that she was made to feel guilty if she didn't stick rigidly to the timings that were set and to the extent that the baby was 'forgotten'. I had to work hard on this mum to stop her from watching the clock more than watching her baby but she did say that it was a relief and stress free experience to get to know her baby first before launching into 'timings' at an unreasonable pace. May I add that her second baby slept through the night a week earlier than her first and was a very happy, chatty little fellow.

    The point I am trying to make is that you have to trust your instinct first and get to know your babys habits, only then can you have the confidence to implement a routine which will suit BOTH you and baby alike. Perhaps use this book as a guideline but ignore the 'guilt' notes!!

    Best of luck!

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