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Suggestions for a good language development course

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    Smile Suggestions for a good language development course

    My little girl is a confident 4-year-old and pretty strong with her letter phonics. She can read some simple words, 3 and 4 lettered. She speaks pretty good English considering that English is not our native language. She goes to the ESF kindergarten. She has studied in international schools for the last 2 years, but I realized that the level of her reading is not yet on par with the local school kids her age. I don't mean to push her, but just want to encourage her to start reading on her own as she loves to read (or tries a lot to).

    1. What I'm looking for is an extra language development course that will enrich her reading and comprehension skills, and at the same time make it fun. She is heading for Y1 next year, the more comfortable she gets with reading and speaking, the better.
    Any takes on the HK KIDZ of HK institute of languages, or any others you can suggest?
    2. I'm also looking to develop her Math skills. She goes to Kumon, but finds it very boring. I find it boring too!! Any good Math development/brain development classes?

    We live in Quarry Bay district.


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    Hi. Maybe you want to try beestar ( DD has been using it. Beestar offers weekly math and reading worksheets. They are mapped to school curriculum and full of challenging stuff to help kids thinking. DD enjoys it very much. Plus, the math program is free.

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