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Talking Ability of a 18-month-old

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    agree with nicolejoy. MCHC are great for regular development milestone checks. in my expereince (of only one child though) they are not very stressed out or pushy and usually have a reassuring approach towards things. might be a good place to get a check done. in case they feel a hearing test or something else is required - they would suggest so. i personally have the err-on-the-side-of-caution approach

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    My take is that a lot of children spend a lot of time working on their receptive language skills (listening) and then at some point they just start using productive language skills (speaking). If your son is growing up bilingual, it's also normal for him to speak fewer words.

    Sometimes I hear about all the things my friends' children say (with correct grammar even!)--but their children are monolingual! At 3-years-old, my son converses well in English and Cantonese and can switch between the two languages well but there is a trade-off so it doesn't do much good for me to compare his ability with that of other children.

    My son could produce a lot of language (single words) by the time he was 18-months old. If I were in your situation, I would stop listening to the advice of all the non-professionals (your friends, family or us) and go and have him professionally assessed by a sensitive doctor who has experience with speech therapy and language development. They will likely tell you, "Every child develops at his or her own pace" and then will want to monitor him over time. But, having a professional's word to go on will do a lot to put your mind at ease and give you answers to give the people who might be concerned. Peace of mind is worth it, I think.

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    my daughter is in a similar situation with yours - well, she points to everything she wants and doesn't say a word (25mths now)...she didn't walk till 21mths so I figure she has a global developmental delay (got her checked and I was right!)

    I think mother's instinct is the best. I did go to 3 different speech therapists at 16mths, 21mths and 25mths. I went to Matilda, public, HKU Speech Division and I found out different things. To make a long story short, I was told - that (1) receptive skills are learnt faster than expressive skills (agree) (2) that my daughter needed special school (did not agree) (3) that I needed to work on my daughters comprehension skills (agree) So....this is what I am doing now (and perhaps you can try at home)

    My little one points and indicates what things are when asked "where's the ballon - she'll point to it"...BUT this doesn't really show she KNOWS it SO, what I have to do to improve her comprehension is to give her several objects (socks, shoes, ball) and ask her to give you the sock / shoe / ball, etc. so you can be 100% sure she KNOWS, thus improving her comprehension.

    My daughter knows her objects when in context, however, that is not enough (according to the speech therapist) because it's not really 100% comprehension, rather the context gives her cues to help her name the objects...of course when you do these "games" do so when your child is playing with the objects so it's not so random i.e. identifying shoes and socks when you're playing kitchen is kind of weird

    If you are really worried then you can take to see a therapist, but it doesn't seem to be too serious (at least from what you've written). if you want more information - you can contact Dr Lee at 61855510

    She's from the above website...I found her very professional, kind and extremely knowledgeable - at least she'll give you the time to explain things and not jump to conclusions (like your daughter should apply for special school!) after seeing her for 5 mins! If you want more information, please let me know.

    Good luck!

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