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What do you all pay your helpers

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    We put the minimum amount HK$3,580 in the contract, but we prefer to pay her extra bonuses throughout the year. She eats with us, so there's no separate food allowance, but we do make the effort to eat more Indonesian food as a family. We usually pay her bonuses during Ramadan and Chinese New Year, and will give her presents for Christmas. We also send her back home once a year, as she has three sons, two of whom (twins) she had hardly seen as she started working as a helper when they were about a year old and her former employer of seven years sent her back only every other year for seven years.

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    agree- i pay minimum wage but give bonuses / laisees for birthday, christmas, CNY and extra time off when she has family things to take care of. we actually sent her home for 2 weeks because she suspected her husband was cheating on her! anyhow, i think for us, it is how you treat them on a day to day basis rather than a monetary thing - I have 2 helpers that would have 2 different salaries based on their experiences, etc. so I just pay them the same amount so there is no jealousy between the two. I NEED them to work well together and feel that both are treated equally as well.

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