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Hairdressers for two year old

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    Hairdressers for two year old

    Hi is there a child friend hairdressers to cut my sons hair some where that he will be distracted with videos or cars as he wont sit still and find this works thanks am on HK side

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    Hong Kong

    there's a hairdressing shop for kids at Lee Gardens. its called the Magic Mirror. just next to the Mothercare store. i think it cost around $350 on a weekend...and a 15% discount applies on weekdays. this is the only one i know. would be interested to know if there are others around as $350 for a kid's haircut is quite a pinch!

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    The Mandarin barber (Mandarin Oriental hotel) does kids haircut (boys only I assumed). It's an old fashion barber shop without toys but they have a tv screen. Our son had his hair cut at the same time as his Daddy so that helps. And it's quite quick around half hour and I think they did a good job. I think it's under $300.

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