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Kindergarten - confused if English/Putonghua is better option or Only English

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    Kindergarten - confused if English/Putonghua is better option or Only English

    My daughter has got admission in both Victoria (Belchers) and Woodlands (Pok fu lam) for Kindergarten.
    Victoria we have selected English/Putonghua and Woodlands we have selected Only English.
    Victoria is closer to our home and reputed but we would prefer to send in Only English. A little bit of Putonghua is absolutely fine and welcome but apparently Victoria teaches 50% in Putonghua.

    Can somebody please advice from there point of view which is better for long term.

    Many Thanks.

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    What is the language spoken at home? Where do you intend to be living 5-10 years from now?

    We are a non-chinese family and English is the only language spoken at home. As Hong Kong is our home and intend on being here for many years to come, we decided to go with Cantonese kindergarten, followed by Mandarin primary leading into an English secondary. We now have 3 lovely and active kids who are trilingual.

    A "little bit" of Putongua is absolutely useless, dont waste your time with it. Your kid will end up singing a few useless songs but not much else.
    I took a "little bit" of french growing up. The only thing I remember is "Ouvre la fenetre" and "Ferme la port" ;-)
    Take the plunge and do it right, if you are going to do it at all.



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