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20 week public scan

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    20 week public scan

    I'm wondering in the public health system if at you 20 week scan they will tell you the sex of the baby if you want to know? I am sure there is a post about this somewhere but I couldn't find one. Also, do you get pictures or DVD if you ask when you get there? We had a 12 week private scan and got both. My husband thinks he'll try to video tape with his phone but i don't imagine that will go over too well.....Thank in advance :)

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    Doesn't matter how far along you are, once the practitioner doing the ultrasound can tell the sex of your child, they'll ask you if you want to know.
    My wife and I went to a public hospital (QEH) at week 12 and our babies' gender was revealed to us there for the 1st time.

    By default, the public system won't give you pictures or DVDs of ultrasound scans. I've never asked, but I highly doubt they'll provide them even if you do...

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    They can provide pictures as long as you ask in advance and pay extra for them (not sure how much they cost). They do tell the gender, if they can see it.

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    I found the 20 week public scan an utter waste of my time. I wrote another post about this. It was performed by a midwife who didn't actually say too much information in general about my baby. She said she couldn't see the sex of the baby bc of the position but the babybwas only in a bad position when I asked again to remind her I wanted to know. I had a private scan done for this important one later, and it was amazing.

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    I had a good experience with my 20-week scan in the public hospital and was at Pamela Youde in Chai Wan. The technician took her time and did the full structural scan. We had already gone to the private doctor at 16 weeks and he was 90% sure that our baby is a girl. The 20-week public hospital scan confirmed we are having a girl. The technician gave us a nice little photo print-out of our baby's profile but this is not standard because she smiled at us and said, "Shhh...and don't tell the other ladies in the waiting room." She was the happiest person I've ever encountered in the public hospital system in HK and even cracked a little joke during the examination. I don't know how much luck you'll have getting a photo at your exam, however because the procedures aren't really standardized and it all depends on where you're going, who you see and what their mood is that day. If you really want a nice ultrasound photo from this scan, I would skip the public hospital and schedule one with a private doctor--many of them can provide you with a disc with short video clips and photos on it but it will cost you quite a bit more, I think.

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