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Mummy Can't Easily Go Back To Sleep After Night Feeds..

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    Mummy Can't Easily Go Back To Sleep After Night Feeds..

    Hi All,

    Our 5 week old baby sleeps pretty well for a newborn, going to bed around 9pm, then waking 2 to 3 times overnight, then getting up at 7am.

    I'm so frustrated though, because after each feed it takes ME ages to fall back to sleep, and sometimes I don't even fall asleep before the next feed. I could be getting so much more sleep than I am :( instead I am lying there tired but awake.

    I love the idea of him sleeping in our bed so I don't have to get up each feed, but I haven't quite mastered feeding lying down yet, and also he is a very noisy wriggler so at the moment he is in a bassinet next to us.

    Anyone else have the same problem? Any tips?

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    One suggestion for learning to lie down and breastfeed is to practice when you are feeling good (usually sometime in the middle of the day). Make a double bed and get pillows for your head. Then lie on your side and bring the baby next to you (so you are both facing each other and lying on your sides). Remember that the baby wants to be quite low down with his nose opposite your nipple. And then just pull on his back as he opens his mouth.

    If you really can’t manage to master this give me a call on 2548-7636 and you can visit me and I’ll help you

    Best wishes,

    La Leche League Leader

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    I remember that when my baby was this young, lying down and breastfeed didn't work pretty well for me either. Probably because the baby was still too small and didn't latch well. When I lay down on my side to feed him, I had to hold my body in a almost 90 degree position which wasn't comfortable for me (normally when I sleep on my side, I would hold my body in almost 45 degree with the bed instead), and then keeping there for the whole feed with my breast pointing at the baby mouth.. not too high, not too low. I couldn't relax during the feeding and after a while I would feel very tired on my hip and legs. Therefore I preferred feeding my baby on my lap instead. Lucky for me, my baby would wake up just once or twice overnight.

    I don't have any tip other than the old advice about sleeping whenever your baby sleeps.

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    I also find it hard to fall back to sleep. I try to nap during the day to catch up on sleep

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    I didn't like feeding while lying down. It was never comfortable, probably bc my boobs were too small:)
    I also had a hard time falling back asleep, and sometimes didn't fall back in between the feedings. Most frustrating. I basically just got used to it. Someone suggested changing the diaper before the feeding, instead of after, so you got a bit relaxed during the breastfeeding, and could just put your baby down easily after. But I didn't do this bc my baby was like a poo faucet, and so i had to change him after the feed, to be safe. I think I might be lazier with my second coming up. Still sooooo tired from the first....zzzzzzz.....

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