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Getting in to the Public System

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    Getting in to the Public System

    Having my first baby and of course, in my ideal world, I would love to go through private care from beginning to end. However, after my first visit with a private OB/GYN, just to confirm my pregnancy and first scan, it's cost me an arm and leg. Now thinking ahead to all the different appointments, tests, scans, etc. my ideal world is quickly fading away since we won't be able to afford it all. My insurance doesn't cover any of this so we're pretty much heading towards the public route to the Queen Mary for everything. I'm a bit split on this because I would like to see the same doctor at every visit would know me and my baby when he/she is ready to come out. However, that's probably too much to ask. I've never done this before, so if anyone can share their experience with me on their appointments at the Queen Mary that would be great. Also, what do I do to start getting myself seen at the QMH?
    Thanks to all for your help :0)

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    in the public system, there are catchment areas, so depending on where you live, you may go to a hospital other than QMH.

    to get into the system, you need a letter confirming pregnancy from the doctor you already saw. once you have that in hand, you call the hospital you would deliver at so, if you are on HK island, it would either be QMH or Pamela Youde Nethersole. If you are in the QMH catchment area, you need to know that the pre-natal visits (unless you are assessed as high risk) will be at Tsan Yuk Hospital (it used to be a maternity hospital that has been redesignated for pre-natal care).

    for the numbers, you can just call 1081 and ask the directory assistance.

    good luck and congratulations!

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    I had my first baby at QMH and will soon have my second there as well. I was actually very happy with my experience. With my first pregnancy I did also see a private doctor a few times because I felt I could ask more questions and get more answers. This pregnancy I have not seen the private doctor as much because I'm just not as nervous. The whole time I was at QMH I felt I was in good hands medically. QMH does not have the frills of the private hospitals but the things that were important to me happened. My husband was with me in the labour room and my baby was with me the whole time I was in the hospital (except when he was in special care). The nurses although busy were always friendly to me and helped when I asked.

    I didn't like the appointments at Tsan Yuk before hand because they took so long for such a short time spent with any medical professionals but then the price is definitely right if you have no insurance coverage as was our case.

    Because my labour was so quick I really didn't spend much time worrying about who was in the room at delivery. I don't think it would have mattered to me if it was a doctor I was familiar with or the one I had but as I said my labour was quick so I didn't have to deal with it for long.

    I also chose QMH because they have good neonatal care if there are any problems after the birth.

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