Just wondering...
On the weekend, I went to Toys Club in central and purchased a tricycle like this http://stores.itoysclub.com/Detail.bok?no=1245 . It is to be the 'don't hate me' gift from his sister when she is born. He loves bikes and will be thrilled to get it.
I rushed a bit to buy it bc they only had 2 left, and I rarely go into central, especially now at 7.5 months pregnant.
But now I have second thoughts, and wonder why the wheels are made of plastic. Is this the norm? It doesn't seem as safe as real rubber wheels. We want it to last, and for his sister to eventually use it too. And it was expensive!
So, just wondering, IS it the norm nowadays to have plastic wheels? The rest of the bike is sturdy steel, and so seems weird to me. We will be leaving hk too, shipping it back home, and wonder if my kids will be the only ones to have cheap looking, slippery plastic wheels on their bike.
Excuse the mundane nature of this post but, hey, why not?