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Hair treatment during pregnancy

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    Hair treatment during pregnancy

    I'm 7 months pregnant and would like advice on hair treatment i.e. Brazilian Blowout.
    I have naturally Asian frizzy hair and had japanese straightening before I got pregnant. Now that it's festive season, I would really like to look nice, not half straight half frizzy :(
    So I am considering Brazilian Blowout, as it says its not as severe as Japanese.
    My question is should/could I do it now, or do I have to wait till baby is born?

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    I'm not familiar with the Brazilian Blowout, but I remember reading that since hair treatments are dealing with hair, which are "dead" cells, that any type of treatment is OK. I had a permanent and highlights down when I was six months pregnant and am so relieved that I had it done before the baby was born, as I can't imagine finding time to do it after! Makes taking care of my hair so much easier!

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    1sttimemom is offline Registered User
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    I don't know about Brazilian Blowout either, but I get hair treatments regularly to clean my scalp so hair is healthy (and won't fall out) When I was pregnant, my hubby got worried so I got them monthly instead of every 2-3 weeks. I think the treatments themselves are harmless... by the time anything gets to your baby...the chemicals used have gone through your system.. and it's next to none. HOWEVER, you may want to stay away from the chemical fumes in hair salons. The fumes from hair dye, perming, highlights... I think those may be more harmful!

    As for doing treatments after baby is born...when baby is about 4 months, most women lose hair. You lose very little when you're pregnant. My baby just turned 5 months, and the 4th month.. I noticed significantly more hair loss. So, you may want to be gentle to your hair even after the baby is born. I'm going to wait until my baby is 10 months to have the perm I wanted :)

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    I just had Japanese straightening when I was 8 month pregnant. (did it when I was 3 mth too, as well as when I had my last baby). I believe it is safe, and my hairdresser who are more exposed to these chemical has had 3 healthy kids in the last few years. I get it done before baby is born so I don't have ti worry about styling my hair for the next 5-6 mth.
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    katef Guest

    Brazilian blowout is not considered safe for pregnant women as it contains formaldehyde. I had one about a year back and that was the very first question the hairdresser asked me. Not sure about Japanese straightening though.

    Can't wait until my baby's born and I can get another Brazilian Blowout!

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