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Silly question: How do you bake without ovens?

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    I haven't seen many flats here with built in ovens but it's easy yo get a plug in one, mine's pretty old but still bakes ok for bread, cakes, lasagna, everything. The only other thing to consider is how big the kitchen is. Most kitchens are really small here so you have to make sure you've got enough worktop space for your oven. In my last apartment I had to bake in the spare room, not exactly ideal!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shenzhennifer View Post
    You can buy convection ovens here. They are about the same size as a mid sized microwave.
    I have a toaster ove, in which I can bake small things, but never something like lasagne or roasts. I wish. A lot of nicer apartments, newer though not necessarily large, come with ovens.
    Are toaster ovens the smallest oven there are? I didn't mean those, I meant convention oven. I have a Delonghi and its very good.

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    Toaster ovens usually have the same size of a microwave, or a little bit smaller.
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    sorry, nicolejoy, but i've rented over 18 places in my years here and have NEVER had an oven.... they ARE rare. for many years, i used a "tabletop oven". i always bought the biggest one i could find and actually went shopping with a measuring tape to make sure i could fit a turkey into it!

    have now moved to a village house and have a second hand gas oven.

    so, in short, it IS possible to get by without (i did for about 14 years). it MAY be possible to find a place that has one built in, but you should specify that to your real estate agent as a necessity. it IS possible to experiment with different possibilities and still have your yummy treats, too.

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    Thanks everyone. Guess my question wasn't so silly after all. We've actually viewed 13 properties and only 1 of them has a built in oven and it didn't even make to our shortlist. I know that people still bake so I just needed to see how it's done. Guess we'll have to go the convection oven route. Guess the honey baked chickens and cookies will be back on our menu!!

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    I was just trying to say that if you REALLY want one, there are places around with one - that's all :) I know they're rare, but they're not non-existent either. I love having a "proper oven" although I have to admit, I don't use it as much as I'd like to...

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    We have a built-in oven (Midlevels Central). It was a pre-requesite at the places we looked at since we are often making cakes and roasting things. Glad to hear there are other options should we move and it not be an option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newbie_hk View Post
    Hi mums,

    We have been told that when moving to HKG, it'll be hard to find built-in ovens in rental properties. Pardon my ignorance, but how do you mums bake your lasagnas, roast chickens and and cakes?

    I once had a whizz bang microwave in Sydney that lets you bake but I never used it since I had a real oven anyway.

    Can't imagine my family missing out on their Sunday roast without an oven!

    Freshie Mum
    I didn't take the time to read all of the previous posts but I just want to say that it is possible to bake without a full-sized oven in Hong Kong.

    About 4 years ago we bought a Summe "toaster oven" that goes up to 250 degrees C. I have baked chicken, birthday cakes, casseroles, cookies, cupcakes, bread and everything else in it for the past four years.

    The photo below is one of the first dishes I baked in it--an absolutely yummy lasagna. The oven is no bigger than a bread box.

    How much did this little wonder cost me? I guarantee you at the DSC Center where we bought it was probably under $500 HKD. Have never had a problem with it and with a little bit of adjustment you really can bake anything in there--you just have to bake it on a smaller scale but there are two shelves and a spit for rotiserie as well.

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