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Chewing on teat and not sucking

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    Chewing on teat and not sucking

    Just over the weekend my almost 9 month old who was drinking his formula like a champ (averaging around 30oz a day) suddenly decided he just wants to chew on the teat and not suck the formula out. It's been 3 days already and he's drinking half of what he normally drinks. His wet diapers are no longer soaked and heavy. I can only suspect that he's teething, however he's not cranky or fussy, in fact he's happy and active. He is indeed chewing on everything he sees (even me!). He normally clears a 9 oz bottle before bedtime. Over the past 3 days he only drank 4-6 oz but still managed to sleep through the night. Should I be concerned? So after only drinking so little before bedtime, I would think he'd be super hungry in the morning. NOT! He'll just chew on the teat and milk would trickle into his mouth and by doing that he'll drink between 1.5 - 4 oz from his 8-9oz bottles (yes...the left over goes down the drain - I wish he knew how expensive formula is!). It's so painful and stressful feeding's absolutely frustrating! I am already using the fastest flowing teat for the bottle so I have no more teat I could turn to. I remember when he cut his first tooth, he only drink 13 oz that day...but it was only that one day. It's been 3 days already. Would it be possible that he's trying to wean himself off formula? Or is this just a teething phase? I'm going to start making smaller bottles now because he wasted so much formula it's not even funny.

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    My son, who is only 6 months old, has been behaving exactly like that for a MONTH. In fact, he started chewing on his teats and everything else in sight (he in particular favours wooden furniture) when he turned 4 months, but we used to be able to "force" the formula down him (over an hour sometimes). The last few weeks however he's just having none of it, and would be on just 60ml a meal sometimes! Yes every time I would think to myself "you little rascal you have no idea how much food costs...."

    Sorry I didn't really have answer to your question, but I just want to say that you're not alone (and it could be much worse - see my son!). This couples with my son's sleeping issues (see my other thread) had stressed me out beyond belief (I know I should just "go with the flow" or whathaveyou, but I'm a MOTHER, and a WOMAN who works full-time so I can't help it!)

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