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Excruciating pain

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    Excruciating pain

    My 7months old baby has bitten my nipple which caused it to somewhat tear on the underside of the nipple (looks like the nipple is flapping open from the bottom side) and when this has happened before, it didnt get this bad whereby when the baby sucks it hurts so much, the whole of my left side hurts, the nipple has somewhat gotten swollen now!!

    Is this mastitis, or...? what should i do, express milk from this side and feed him on the other? should i supplement with formula milk now? its so painful!!!

    please help.

    Couldnt get through to LLL the morning.

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    That's crazy - sounds so painful!! It sounds to me just like the damage is from the bite rather than it being an infection... but I have no idea what to do about it.

    Have you been calling LLL? Who have you been calling? I would call around until I found someone available. On their website they have seven different numbers for English-speaking lactation consultants. Surely one of them would answer their phone!!

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    ive had that a couple of times. and had to see a doctor to get meds due to the broken skin, the pain was unbearable to feed and fever. the doc told me, my condition was mastitis as well as infection. so i was advised to pump the injured side and to feed the other side. no need to supplement, as the baby was already pass 6mths and started solids. it took me 14 days to get well every time. medicine dispensed were antibiotics and fusili cream (cant remember the spelling).

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    You should go see a doc first thing tomorrow if the pain is that bad, hope there is no infection there. Feed your son from the other side, he must be on solids already so you needn't worry about supplementing with formula.

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    It is adviseable to see your doctor as cracked, ripped etc nipples can lead to thrush which is very painful and needs treating. Sorry you have had to experience this!

    Professional Maternity Nurse, Breastfeeding & Sleep Consultant, Multiples & PND Carer

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