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What food to avoid during breasfeeding

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    Thank you all for the information. I'm not sure if this is right but I just found out that bell pepper made my baby very uncomfortable.

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    I am eating whatever I want, this is my 3 child I have BF and had no issues with any food being a problem for baby. As far as food safety things, like raw sushi, if you were one of the rare ones to get a parasit, the baby is not going to get it from you, so it is fine to eat.

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    I've breastfed my two children for a total of 20 months so far (still breastfeeding the second) and didn't change anything about my diet. I generally don't drink alcohol and only the occasional coffee (maybe once every two weeks or even less). I ate as much of anything else that I wanted. I never noticed anything that affected my babies.

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