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One breast has more milk.

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    One breast has more milk.

    It seems one breast has more milk than the other, or baby favours one over the other, how can I ensure she is feeding from both breasts so can get balance between fore and hind milk?

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    it is perfectly normal for one to produce more. it is also normal for baby (and you) to favour one over the other. it all depends on how you feed. do you feed from one breast and then another or do you feed from one at one feed and then the other at the next? i did the latter and both of my kids were ok with that.

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    Feed more from the breast that has less milk, even though the baby does not prefer it, you will have to do it somehow. The most effective way to produce more milk is to feed baby more often. You will have to do this for a few days up to a month. Good luck!!!

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    I wouldn't bother trying to increase the supply in the less full breast - it is just normal and not something that needs to be "fixed".

    I'm exclusively pumping for my 2nd daughter and with my double pump, I spend equal times on both sides but ALWAYS produce more from my right than my left. That's just how it works. Nothing to "fix".

    With my first daughter, I directly breastfed and never noticed that - but I did know that I felt more comfortable with her on my left side (easier to hold her that way) - but she preferred the right (now I know that it was the fuller side).

    Some people will tell you to feed entirely from one side, and then the next feed to feed from the other side completely - I did that with my first daughter, and it has pros and cons. There is no need to switch half way if you do that, so you're not disturbing the baby. BUT you get that "lopsided look" if you know what I mean! And it's sometimes harder to remember which side you're up to.

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    When your baby comes off the breast to burp, squeeze your nipple. If the milk is still watery, then this is the fore milk so put the baby back on this side. If it is thicker, then you have reached the hind milk and you can either put your baby back on this side or swap.

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