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Matilda - overbooked?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LOJITT View Post

    Part of the problem is that most HK Obs are either pro-csection, or indifferent. As far as I know, only Lucy Lord and Grace Cheung are really shouting about this problem- they have a +70% vaginal delivery rate- the highest of any Obs in HK because they actively support them where appropriate.
    That's very unfortunate that profits are prioritised over a patient's/woman's preference to have a vaginal delivery at the hospital of their choice.

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    Dear Members,
    Thank you for your support, having read your threads with interest I appreciate the comments on our level of care and would like to use this opportunity to offer comment on some of your concerns directly, as I am not sure where the information is originating but it is inaccurate.
    Yes, our hospital as a whole is performing a lot more orthopedics and spinal surgery with advanced treatment options than before. This does not affect the maternity services as these surgeries are performed in a completely different department and cared for by nurses not midwives.
    The number of mainland mothers choosing to deliver here is still very low, less than 5%, and this percentage has been unchanged for well over ten years. We are a not for profit organization. While responsible to be an efficient healthcare provider, profit is not a driving factor, and the provision of safe care is the management’s utmost priority.
    All decisions made on the type of delivery are done so between the obstetrician and patient, and we support this choice. Due to finite resources midwives, delivery rooms, beds and special care facilities we do have to limit the number of bookings that we accept, and we have a daily limit for the number of managed deliveries (caesarian section or induction of labour).
    As noted from a previous post, it is indeed a fine balance being able to offer the safest standards of care whilst accepting as many people as possible. If we were truly only concerned with revenue we could accept all ladies for delivery. However, we are and will remain committed to safety and giving all our mothers the best care possible.
    In 2010, over 1200 babies were born here. Unfortunately as the department was full to capcity we suspened admission on occasions and were unable to admit a total of 7 ladies with confirmed booking. Obviously we try to avoid this at all costs. Although we work very closely with our obstetrians, the decision to recommence admissions is made by the midwifery team as they have to consider all the patients under their care, as you can understand this is a very dynamic environment and safety must come first.
    Meanwhile, new parents who are unable to receive a confirmed booking from us are strongly advised to look for an alternative hospital as we understand that the uncertainty of being on a waiting list can be very stressful.
    I know this does not help your position but hope it can enlighten others who may be about to try to secure a booking. Information is available on our website or should anyone would like to contact us directly please drop us a line to [email protected] and we will be happy to follow up.
    Lynne Fung
    General Manger, Communications
    (Registered General Nurse)

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