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any technics for ESF interview?

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    Geomum- I think it would actual come down to just understanding what is said rather than speaking it if the child is not very verbal at that stage. We had an interview just before Christmas for ESF kindy as we are away for the original interview date. The interview was just the teacher aid playing and interacting with my daughter and making sure she could comprehend what she was being asked to do. ie can you please give me a animal etc.

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    I agree that for ESF kindies, it's not always easy to establish their expressive English abilities but even if the child is shy, their level of English comprehension should be apparent after a certain amount of observation time. Given that they will be in the room for some 45 minutes, I don't think it will be a problem for the teachers to assess.

    Actually we have an interview for ESF kindie next week and my son is quite shy (and probably not as verbally advanced as some of his playmates, esp the girls) but given that I will be with him in the play session, I expect this should help draw him out a bit more.

    Geomum: from your other post, I gather you also applied for ESF kindie. Did you get an interview slot yet? If you like, I can let you know how we got on after our interview next week.

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    thanks yall

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    Thanks everyone, especially peainpod for your offer. My daughter didn't get a call unfortunately, keeping fingers crossed that they have a second round of interviews and she is invited. I would definitely like to know how the interview goes for your children so if you can share your experiences it would be great.

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    Thanks for the information. My chlid will attend an interview next week, is it just simple to test children's understanding? any special testing like drawing, playing blocks, etc.... For the parents part, I am not sure the teacher will ask us some questions formally? Anythings else I need to prepare for the interview, please advise, thank you.

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    Hi Guys,

    I know I am picking up on an old thread but this was such a relevant one...

    My child got an interview call from ESF Hillside for Kindergarten. She will be attending in Jan'14. My main concern is that she still has a separation anxiety and cries terribly whenever she is in a new environment. The last time we took her for an interview to another school here, she cried a lot (as soon as she entered the premises) and couldn't join the other playmates slotted in the same group as hers. The teacher there was very kind and said she would just assess her individually and they did finally send a confirmation for her to join.

    Since I've heard so much about the long waiting lists for ESF and given this anxiety my child currently has, are the chances really low that she will get selected? Worth mentioning here is also the fact that she otherwise has an excellent English for her age; talks long sentences, makes up stories of her own and is overall a very happy child.... but of course, all this will be invisible if her fear of new places and crowds takes over.

    I hope, having interviewed hundreds of thousands of toddlers over the years, the team there will be understanding of the fact that some toddlers do have this temporary phase of anxiety which will subside once she starts preschool (she just turned 2 and doesn't go to a playgroup yet) and I hope they will not count this against her.

    Any thoughts / insights / tips / personal experience will really really be helpful.

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    We applied for ESF Abacus but still haven't heard from them. It looks like an interview won't be granted for our kid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by victoryu19 View Post
    We applied for ESF Abacus but still haven't heard from them. It looks like an interview won't be granted for our kid.
    I know that ESF Hillside had been sending out letters till recently. You might want to call Abacus and check with them as well. You may even ask them re your particular case by giving them the application reference no. I haven't tried it myself but would definitely have if I were in your position.

    All the best!

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