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Formula advice

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    Formula advice

    We feed our nb formula for nite feeds as I cannot express too much yet. This allows my nubby to feed her nights.

    We use friso. I notice thAt she grts a lot of gas and needs to pass wind before she can sleep. It takes her a while to pass wind and usually falls into proper sleep around 3 or 4 am!!! Which means I am awake all night.

    In addition she constantly fussed and can only be settled on my breast suckign. She feeds and I feel like she may be adding to the wind but this is the only way she can settle.

    Would appreciate advice on the following
    Could it formula related? If so anyone recommend a better formula?
    Any advice on theassing wind/ excessive eating.

    Much thx

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    I think you will have to be patient as your baby might still be learn how to properly stuck onto you - you can get help with the proper technique to breast feeding which might help your baby with the gas. The gas might not have anything to dow ith the formula - babies are gassy initially and you just have to burp her well.

    It could be something in your diet too, for me, garlic caused my baby to be gassy - perhaps you can see if it is anything that you might be eating since you are breastfeeding. for some ginger is a problem too, but i think it is different for all people.

    i would not change your formula just yet since your baby is so small - she will slowly feed better from both bottle and breast and that should reduce the amount of wind. also, as she develops she will burp better too...but this will take time. some babies do tend to use the breast to soothe themselves...there's no right answer for that though - so what works for your family.

    be patient and give it a little more time...things should only get better with time and experience for the baby.

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    Not sure how much difference it makes, because I have never used another bottle, but we use Bfree bottles which are supposed to reduce intake of air. I breastfeed during the day and bottle feed in the evening. My son (5 weeks) gets more wind breastfeeding than he does on the bottle - he seems to burp much more easily and then settle down.

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    It is common for young babies to be fussy at night. Mine was.

    You can check Kellymom for advice:

    Also if your baby cries a lot at night, he may swallow air that will end up as wind.
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