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Organic Fresh Whole Milk?

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    Quote Originally Posted by organicbaby View Post
    I just moved to Discovery Bay from the States and was feeding my toddler Organic Valley whole milk there. I was able to find 1% at a City Super in the IFC, but was wondering if anyone has come across this brand in WHOLE milk (fresh)?

    Also, what do you all recommend for other brands? I starting giving him Clover from Wellcome when I can find it in stock. Otherwise, I have my husband pick up Valley Pride from City Super on his way home from work.

    Organic Valley was one of the top rated organic milk brands in the US so I'm looking for an equivalent. Thank you in advance for your help!
    Wonder if you're still following your thread? Anyway, i saw Oragnic Valley this milk selling on

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    There seems to be some confusion about Farm Milk Ltd. They have never had milk from Australia, but it comes from China fresh and is then pasteurized and processed in New Territories. The lady on the phone said it comes from Wai Yueng(?) but wasn't sure about the English spelling as it is pronounced differently in Cantonese than Mandarin. The HK Government does checks on the milk and if I understood correctly the Farm Milk also conducts their own quality checks. The Farm Milk tastes in my opinion best of all the milk available in Hong Kong and like other people on this thread have noted, you can get it from Citisuper or order reoccurring home delivery.

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