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Gina Ford schedule

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    Gina Ford schedule

    we are following the GF routine, and to most part it works. We are in favor of routines as part of our personalities, so I find GF model suits us fine.

    However, the times written are too early for me - particularly the night time routines, as once I go back to work, I'll probably be home around 6:30.

    Can anyone on the GF model provide any advise on how to move the schedules so that it still follows 7am wake up?

    Thank you

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    aussie mum is offline Registered User
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    Hi. Old if your baby?
    If you want a later bedtime I'd suggest a short-ish late afternoon/early evening nap to enable you to push bedtime back but not have baby get too overtired? Without knowing how old your LO is it's difficult to make too many suggestions.
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    By the time you're back at work the GF schedule would have been adjusted slightly already (the next chapter). No baby can follow the 7am - 7pm on the dot, day after day, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. You might have to accept the fact that a lot of the time your helper would have to be the one putting your LO to bed though.

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    when i used it, i just shifted the times back an hour so it'd be 8-8pm instead of 7-7pm and it worked for me quite easily. i wasn't too strict though since babies are after all human and won't follow the schedule to the T everyday. i was flexible and it worked out fine. i must say though it works for baby 1 and when i had baby 2 things weren't as easy (both girls share a room and they would inadvertently play and talk to one another in babble!) so now i am following babies routine and not GF, which (apart from sleeping at 10pm which I don't like), the naps, etc. work great for me and baby.

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    southside852 is offline Registered User
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    yes, i do GF with my now 15 week yr old and posted something similiar when I first started too. the 7am wake-up seems a bit unreasonable as i believe in not ever waking a sleeping baby as it's when they are doing their most growing. so if i hear my son stirring before 7am, i usually wait until 7am to go in for his first feed. if he's still sleeping at 7am and ends up waking up at 7:30/8am - I just adjust all times, pushing the feeds back by 30/45 minutes. it has worked for us.

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