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Any Yew Chung pre-k parents out there

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    Any Yew Chung pre-k parents out there

    yesterday asked about esf, today am curious to hear experiences from anyone who's sent their child to Yew Chung -- want our child to both learn Chinese (gong dong wa or mandarin) and have a stimulating and inclusive experience - too much to ask?

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    Hi there,

    Got my son at Yew Chung. He is in K1 now. However I am planning to take him out of YC as I feel they are not what they claim to be; at all! I am very upset about YC. I have many reasons why I want to take him out. One significant reason is that the school is ridiculously expensive. Another reason is that I feel like my son learns nothing new that he doesn't already know. Lots of school holidays, off days due to parent/ teacher meetings, no field trips, and many more reasons. Feel free to PM me if you like more infos.

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    If you are asking about pre-k, and not the kindy, then I have experience with YC as my son went there for his "2-yr old class" . I have to say although schools fees are a bit hefty, you have a good campus and 3 dedicated teachers (+ 1 helper/nanny for EACH class) to look after your kids - thats a lot of attention there for each kid. Teachers - I find that each teacher has a different style, that said, it has an impact which I thnk is positive because the kids get teachers who are a bit stricter, some are more relaxed, some more authoratative etc...I think my kid generally had fun there, and I think they do a good job with the separation process - I think both my son adn I felt comfortable with how the children separates and they are very quickly on their feet re going to school alone. we had about 2-3 field trips in pre-K, and YC have their own little farm where kids go to on field trips ( and we went alone on a weekend which is also fun) . kids get good amounts of outdoor time with the sand box and pools, and I think all in all they had good fun.

    if we are just talking about the pre-k level, I think most parents I know of tend to think positively of it.

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    years ago, i had a local student who went to YC and she LOVED it. when i was tutoring her (just story time, talking, pre-writing etc) her english was comparable to a native-english speaker. she and her parents were both very happy with the school. she must be close to 18 years old now, though...

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