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What happens after you give birth in public hospital?

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    This was my experience at the Prince of Wales

    1. Did the baby room in?: It was completely up to me and they were very supportive. He was in the nursery the first night (at my request); with me the second night until I got too tired and they took him back to the nursery for a few hours so I could sleep. They completely respected my wishes for no teats/bottles/formula/sugar water etc.

    2. Visiting: They were very strict about this which I was upset about. After the delivery they allowed my husband to see me for 15 minutes only on the ward. They wouldn't let my mother in to see me, she had to wait another couple of hours to visiting times. After a lot of pressure they allowed her to see the baby through the glass of the nursery for 5 minutes. They wouldn't allow anyone else in outside of visiting hours, like a lactation consultant (private) even though theirs was too busy to see me. I don't have other children though so don't know if they would consider that differently.

    3. The baby after delivery: I wasn't allowed to hold him as I was completely strapped down. My husband did though. They then brought him to me when I was in the recovery room and he stayed with me for a long time until they took him off to the nursery to do various things. As in above post, my husband only had 15 minutes in the ward and then had to wait to visiting hours.

    4. C-section admission: I just went in in the morning (around 7am) and was told I was number 3 and just had to wait. They took some blood in the operating theatre just before the procedure but that was it.

    5. Entertainment: I didn't really want to do anything when I was there. I brought books and magazines but never read them. I had my mobile - but when my battery ran out they wouldn't let me charge it with their electricity and said I had to go down to 7-Eleven to use their charge service, which of course I couldn't do so had to wait until visiting hours for someone to help me. I discharged myself early though, after 2 days. I had the c-section Monday lunchtime and left Wednesday lunchtime. I guess it is important to demonstrate that you are progressing. I was walking around by Tuesday afternoon. I also said that I had a lot of support at home. But I really didn't want to stay in that hospital any longer than I had to.

    6. Assistance: Yes, there are nurses and auxiliary nurses who will help you if you need it.

    Hope this helps.

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    From what I've heard about many of the private hospitals, I have to agree with Gataloca from the previous page - I would rather go to the public hospital and eat their horrible food but at least be able to do whatever I want with my baby than to go to 90% of the private hospitals in Hong Kong which have very rigid and inflexible rules about baby rooming out etc. I would rather be able to have time with my baby than to be able to have a million visitors all day. I would go to Matilda if I could afford it - but to me, the public hospitals are a LOT LOT LOT more mother-baby friendly (and also breastfeeding friendly) than most of the private hospitals here.

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    Gataloca - this is why I didn't choose union my first time around. As a newbie to hk, I couldn't accept their strict policies.
    Nicole - nice to hear that you have a good impression of the baby-mommy time at the public hospital. That is so important to me, especially if I can't have visitors most of the day.
    Liquorice - very interesting, your post, as I might no doubt have a similar experience next week. I just had some follow up Qs: 1) when they took your baby to the nursery, did they just give him back when he woke up and cried for a feeding! What did you do so that they respected your wishes for no bottles, etc? I also want that. 3) when you could hold him in the recovery room, was it soon after, and were you able to put him to your breast ok?
    4) you didn't have to be admitted the day before? Interesting. I wonder why it's different. Very funny about being number 3, but nerve wracking waiting around! 5) nice to hear that you were able to discharge yourself after 2 days. What a trooper for being up and about after a day. My first c-section was not like that, hopefully this one will be better. I at least have hope to get discharged early, though I'm now thinking that I'm just soooooooo exhausted that maybe I should just stay in there a while, hehe!
    Thanks for all the insight and experiences!

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