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    it's been almost 3 weeks since we moved to TC. i went to sunshine house and greenfield in TC to do a quick tour. it didnt "click" for me and my husband but if i have to rank them, 1 = greenfield, and 2 = sunshine house. any thoughts out there?

    also, i was interested in DMK especially after reading positive notes above... but when i phoned to enquire, the person was not so helpful and said i could not come to do the tour because the playgroup that i am interested in is full and i would be waitlisted. the person said that i should just submit an application so that the school could contact me when there is availability. ok... i guess i will do so.

    any thoughts are appreciated. i want the school to prepare my daughter for international kindergartens.

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    I am in the same boat as you. I have submitted all my applications for K. I only heard back from 3 out of 5 for interviews when we arrive coming June. I will be in Kowloon Tong area.

    Does anyone know about prepping kids for mock interviews? I heard about tutors you can hire to help prep the kids. It sounds so odd to me, but then all the schools are competitive even at preK levels.

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    Both of mine attended DMK at some point in their pre-school days. But not the TC campus.

    I recommend it - as far as preschool's go it would be my top choice of the ones we have been too including two in australia, sunshine house, esf and a Montessori home-based (although I would kept them in that if I could have).

    You could do a lot worse than DMK.
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