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Tung chung to Maltida

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    tung chung

    Tung chung to Maltida

    I am thinking to give birth in Maltida. I am living in Tung CHung now. Is it too far away for me? if so, does it mean that i better say stay in Hong Kong Island the month I give birth?

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    I live in TC and delivered at the Matilda. Because it is considered 'far', the midwives did not leave it to the last minute to let me come in. As soon as there was a bloody show (before full blown contractions), I was asked to come in. My water broke at the hospital and the full blown contractions started there too.

    It took us 30 minutes to get there by car (using the Western Tunnel).

    I am meeting another mum (who will deliver on the island) on Wednesday at PC if you're up for a cup of tea (and a discussion). We have a car so I've also offered to help out if there is an emergency in the middle of the night.

    You could call the services of Happy Taxi (who will take you there) 24/7. There is no need to move to the Island.


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    really... hong kong is VERY small! i live out in the boonies of sai kung country park and it only takes me 45 minutes to get to central.

    tung chung is no more than 30-45 minutes away from the matilda. just don't leave it until you are 2 minutes apart. there is absolutely NO REASON whatsoever to stay on hk island... it's not like you live 200 miles away, you actually only live about 30 km away.

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    I agreed with Cara and QM. HK is very small. Keep the taxi hotline number handy is good enough. Good luck.
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