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What happens at 6/7 months to baby's sleep?

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    My 8 month old son went through an unsettled phase at around 6 months, I think a combination of the rolling over, getting stuck and then his bottom two teeth coming through. I did cut out the late afternoon nap which seemed to help too. He is now napping in the morning for around 45 mins and at lunchtime for a couple of hours. He sleeps happily from around 6.30pm to 6.30am or 7am if I'm lucky. Shame his big brother is always up before 6am...!

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    My baby is doing the same. Last night he was waking up every hour till we put him to sleep with us in our bed. Then he kept waking every 3 hours for his feed. I thought that he would sleep better when we started solid, bit for some reason he seems hungrier at night. He has a feed at around 6pm, then his solid at around 7, and get another feed at around 9pm before bed. ... Don't know if it is true, but read that sometime babies seem to feed more once on solid because they are thirsty, not hungry.
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    I have been having the same issue with my 5 month old. He started only doing 30 min naps tops and then by the evening was really overtired. He also (i think) wakes up early - he is in his own room so not so sure what time it is every day but sometimes I hear him - this morning was 5.40. He rarely crys and i never feed him until about 7. However I worry he really is not getting enough sleep.
    So i started reading the Baby Whisperer - Solves your problems and she suggests that the reason the naps are only 30 mins are because he is overtired and his naps need to be extended. By extending the naps it may also extend his wake up time as the better they sleep in the day the better the night time is too.
    We aew only on Day 4 of her techniques and she suggests we may have to work on the naps for 2 weeks or so - but I have already been able to get his total nap time from 1.30 hrs to nearly 3 and he is still sleeping at night. Still early morning wake up but hoping that will also extend with time!!!!

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    nikkig, I read that book too. Are you using the PUPD method to extend the naps? Glad to hear it is working for you. Before, my LO was not falling asleep by herself at naptime so I thought maybe that was the reason for 1/2 hr naps. Well, now she falls asleep on her own, but her naps can be as short as 30 mins or as long as 2 hours. Today was a crazy fabulous day. She napped two naps of 1.5 hrs each. So, I am not sure I can really extend them...

    To be honest, she's never had a nap schedule because I never know how long her naps are going to last! Every day is different and she will not sleep if she's not tired. She'll babble...then whine..and then scream (now that she knows she can SCREEEEEAM).

    I am curious to hear what exactly has been working for you. Do share! :)

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