Thanka2 - I know EXACTLY the promo you are talking gets me every time. If you don't know any different, and you don't ever take the time to consider alternatives, then that is what a 'normal' birth has become. I hate those baby birth shows where they always show the women meekly submitting to the doctors, 'oh well, he/she is the doctor and therefore they know what's best for me.' I saw one recently where the nurse/midwives kept coming in to the delivery suite and saying 'right, are you ready for an epidural yet?' until this poor woman, flat on her back in bed, finally gives in. They also NEVER show anything as offensive as a new mother breastfeeding - the newborns are always being fed from a bottle. I wonder if they ask them to do that for the purposes of filming, because surely the b/f rates can't be that low!

Imagine if the TV programs about birth showed lots of women having natural/home births/water births/birth centres, etc, how different our perception would be and how differently we might view our own birth experiences. Unfortunately I'd imagine this might be very unpalatable for audiences accustomed to nice 'tidy' and quick surgical procedures!