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Giving Birth In Public Hospitals

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    cathryn is offline Registered User
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    Thank you everyone for all your information and help. Nicole - I have decided to try the Matilda first after what you have told me to see if I can get in there first, esp as I had a c-section with my first child so I may well need one with the 2nd, so your friends experience didn't sound good.

    So I contacted the Matilda and they have told me I need to book an appointment with an obstetrician first who will then try to arrange the booking in. They have given me a list of obstetricians who frequent the hospital, so can anyone recommend any of the following)

    Dr. Chan Patrick Sai Lock
    Dr. Cheung Grace Wai Yan
    Dr. Doo Alexander Kenneth
    Dr. Ferguson Sally Anne
    Dr. Ghosh Arabinda
    Dr. Lord Lucy
    Dr. Stevenson Robert

    Thanks alot

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    taysty is offline Registered User
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    Chai Wan

    My baby was delivered by Dr Patrick Chan. Experience with him is quite pleasant though I'm uncertain if the sunction bruise on my baby's head is caused by him? However, thinking deeply it might be just to do with what I prefer. I told him I had strong preference for a vaginal delivery. Anyway, I'm a bit off topic. He is a very nice man, spend time on consultation, answer all your questions and etc. He always give you stats like the percentage of this occurring and so on. When I'm due and page him he return my calls like less than 2 minutes. Only once, it takes him more than 15 minutes. Guess, his caught up on something. He didn't stress me out during my whole pregnancy which is quite important as I had miscarriage before.

    To make things short. I highly recommend him. :)

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    North Point

    I also highly recommend Dr Patrick Chan. I saw him with my second daughter and he was fantastic with me. He is also good for if you deliver public, some private doctors don't like to see public patients but he treated me just as well as if he was delivering the baby. I can't speak highly enough of him!!

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    RileyC is offline Registered User
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    Quote Originally Posted by carang View Post
    yes, mainlanders have to pay that fee. it's because they were coming over the border in droves to give birth, many times without any pre-natal care and were costing the hk gov't so much money. they had to stem the flow somehow.
    Yes, and some (though not all) mainlanders would leave without paying their already low public hospital fees.

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    Flack is offline Registered User
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    I would recommend Grace Cheung. She delivered my baby at Matilda and I was very happy with her. She is pro natural delivery if this is important to you.

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