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helper visa question

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    helper visa question

    my helper's 2 year visa is expiring this weekend and I am not renewing. I have 2 questions. 1. Do I need to notify immigration that I'm not resigning her? if so, what do I need to tell them? 2. She wants to file a 2 week extension so she can look for a new job. Can she extend her stay WITHOUT extending her contract which I am not inclined to do. Again, I am not terminating her contract, I am simply not renewing. I know she can file an extension if she is terminated but what about when the contract simply expires? Thank you, I've looked online for the answer to this question and cannot find.

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    This hotline is great for getting answers for any questions you have regarding your DH 2717 1771

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    You don't have to notify the Immigration should you wish NOT to renew the contract.
    By default, the helpers have the right to 14 days stay from the day of contract expired/termination, and a further extension may be granted if they are able to show justified cause.

    However, pls take into consideration of her annual leave which she is entitled to if she have not yet taken them. You might want to release her earlier because of the annual leave but they are paid leave.
    You can also call up the Labour Dept should you have any doubts.

    BUT PLS - I would encourage you to consider carefully if she justifies for a good release letter. If she is nice, then she deserves one. Nothing personal against helpers - just that, I have many times came across helpers that have good release reference letter but ended up have bad attitude problems. At times, I felt 'tricked' by those ref letter.
    Don't want other employers to get tricked too. When you hire a new one, I strongly encourage you to speak to the ex-employer; you'll be amazed how much info you may get about that helper.
    No malicious intention intended here.
    In case you need a good agent, I find that Josie James Personnel staff are honest and provide very good service.
    Hope this helps.

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