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Private room, public hospital

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    Thanks ladies. I thought you might be able to just pay extra and get yourself a private or semi private, you can in Canada, but then a lot of things are a lot different than Canada. I can definitely think of a lot better things to spend upwards or $40,000 on!!!!! That's RIDICULOUS!!! It's only a few days right, it's not the end of the world. I will just have to put my "qualms" away about sharing a bathroom, yuck! :) I'm just learning as I go, I feel like such an amateur with all this pregnancy in HK stuff hahaha!! Love this site, it sure helps to hear what other women have to say.

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    if you are going to QMH, i'll share a little secret...

    they clean the bathrooms around 9-10am. chinese ladies like to shower in the evening.. so, i was ALWAYS the first one in the bathroom after the cleaners came out. (i also wore thongs/flip flops in the shower at all times, just to be safe).

    also, soho delivers will deliver to the ward doors at QMH so you can order decent food... and when you think about all the $ you're saving by going public, you don't mind splurging on a few yummy meals, i know i didn't! i used to order pizza once in a while (i was in hospital a lot) and i always shared the pizza with the nurses as there was no way i could eat it all, and there was a minimum order for delivery.... the nurses REALLY appreciated it and enjoyed it...they also looked the other way when i needed to charge my laptop or my telephone using the hospital outlets!

    also, there is one nurse, Amy, who was fantastic... she looked like she was the youngest there and was always happy to chat.

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    Jada511, I agree, in Australia you could be operated on in the public and then go to the private rooms to recover (and only pay for the post op care). But from what I understand in HK from the locals, they are paranoid ++++++++ about people abusing the system, so have set their system up this way. Whatever.....

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    Thanks Cara for sharing the secret. :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by charade View Post
    A friend told me that in Pamela Youde she was able to get a semi-private room when she went in for delivery and the prices weren't retrospectively marked up. It was about 1000$ a night. But not all hospitals offer this - I asked at United Christian where I delivered and they said no private rooms at all. Might be worth checking out though.
    Yes, it's called the "special accommodation ward" and it's technically not private so that's why it's not so expensive. I don't know of any other public hospitals that have the special accommodation wards like PY though.

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