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Travel Cot recommendation

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    We bought a Graco Pack n' Play in the States. I wouldn't bother buying one in HK as they are likely a lot cheaper with a lot more selection in Canada. I'm sure you can search some online sites in Canada to find what you want, buy it with a credit card and have it shipped to the grandparents' house to await your arrival. Why lug a travel cot (even if it's a light-weight one none of them are that small) all the way across the ocean? I would buy it while you're there and then if you want bring it back with you to HK. what we did when my son was 8 months-old and we went back to the States for a 3-month visit and traveled around--borrow one! It seems like everyone I know "back home" has one of these and most of them are hardly used and sitting in storage somewhere. :)

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    I have previously used when I want to buy things and get them delivered in Canada ahead of my arrival. You just need to make sure that you order in time for your arrival, usually it takes around 2-3 weeks to get your purchases delivered, but you will actually be told of the estimated delivery date before you finally confirm the purchase at checkout.

    I go back to Canada regularly and have had toys and all sorts of other stuff delivered. My latest purchase for delivery in Canada (not through Sears as I am trying a small boutique this time) is a big 3 wheel jogging stroller as it costs so much to rent one for 2 weeks that I might as well buy one for future visits and then sell it when I am done with it!

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    Thanks Ladies... your suggestions are really helpful and we most likely will go for babybjorn... checked price online vs mothercare in HK and found the price very similar (esp with canadian dollar so high these days & their tax!!!), so now it's really down to the whether we wanna lug it around or to have it ready for us when we arrive canada....

    might buy online for car seat though as we find that if we are going rent one with the rental car each stop it will be way cheaper to buy a new one...

    we would love the idea of borrowing stuff @ each stop we travel to but we can only do so in Vancouver but not the other cities...

    @portia, thanks for the suggestion to checkout, i am also looking at different online stores at the moment... surely we will be moving lots of goodies from canada when we return =)

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    also rental car seats are sometimes really dirty!

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