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Trip to Canada - day flight or night flight?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1sttimemom View Post
    Looking for advice: Planning to take my daughter - who will be 1 yr old - back to Canada for 3 months this summer. We have an approx 12 hr flight (Vancouver) and two choices.

    Flight #1 departs HK around midnight, arriving 9pm Vancouver time.
    Flight #2 departs HK around 430pm, arriving around 130pm Vancouver time.

    Considering jetlag ... which flight should I take? I see pros and cons with both..

    I've read on some threads that I should follow the destination's time for feeding to start making the change... any other suggestions? THANKS!

    definitely flight 2, always go with what will be natural for your body. If you leave HK in the afternoon, sleep on the way out and land at lunchtime it will feel more like a normal day, Thus beating the worst of the jetlag.

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    I've done the afternoon flight many many times. I agree with others, your little one will be excited and won't go to sleep at the usual time, but eventually will sleep. When you get there you will all be "woken" up and not sleepy at the airport so then it will feel like a bit of a day. We have a connecting flight to do when we arrive in vancouver so we are all up and alert, then on our second flight the children fall asleep (its a short flight) so similar to an afternoon nap, then home and go to bed later than usual, once feel tired again. I have tried putting little ones to bed early, but then they wake up at 2:00 AM raring to go. Better to have the afternoon nap, and then stay up later so they sleep later. I always find HK to canada worse than canada to HK. But it is still difficult and takes about 2 weeks to feel normal. Good luck! 1 and 2 year olds are the hardest! I will be doing the same flight in the summer with a 5 and 7 and 1 year old, probably by myself. You just grin and bear it and when it gets bad and you wish you were anywhere else but on that plane, remind yourself it could be worse. NO one is presently vomiting or having a nosebleed, or a fever. (I've had a lot of bad flight with kids!)

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