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Pumping while on a business trip & traveling with breastmilk

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    taysty is offline Registered User
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    BTW, now i pump twice at work. I use this brand for storing my breastmilk. After i pump i just put it inside and use as a fridge as i dont want contamination. The bag i bought comes with 4 ice packs, i only use one. I thought it is rather powerful as i put 2 small avent bottle, both are chilled when i reached home.

    Fridge-to-go is good too, but i find it very heavy as 4 side are ice packs and you cant take it out at all. This one i can use according to how many bottle i put in.

    Above info only for your reference, if you want to bring chilled breastmilk during your return trip to HK. I think for so many days, quite impossible for you to carry such a big ice box and bring it all bag.

    Good luck! :)

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    I had to go to Italy for a wedding when bub was 3 months. was away for 4 days and I pumped and dumped as well. My SIL is a Cathay stewardess and she said they only have dry ice on board so may be difficult to store my milk. I didn't want a chance that my milk would turn bad so I chose to pump and dump.

    I pumped more frequently before I left so I could save and freeze some that could be defrosted while I was gone. I travelled economy, and yes, there is nothing worse than spending 40 minutes pumping with a hand pump in an overnight flight, in a dirty economy bathroom, only to pour it down the sink. It just broke my heart!!!! I was the bridesmaid too, I wonder if any of guests found it funny that the bridesmaid kept disappearing to the bathroom for 40 minutes every 4 hours throughout the wedding day hahaha!

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    From personal experience - I guess you will be transiting through either the US or Japan to get to/from Mexico - If so, please get a note from your doctor explaining that you are a breast feeding mother and are travelling without your newborn. As you will frequently encounter TSA staff that don't understand that new parents have to work and travel as well.

    As for storage etc. if going on an extended trip, I would just pump and throw occassionally just in order to maintain supply as figuring out ice packs etc. can be difficult. Close to the time returning home, then i would store in the plastic storage pouches and deep freeze in the hotel. Note that you are not allowed to carry ice or dry ice onto the plane so make sure you have the gel cooling pads and a proper insulated bag.

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