@ ctrbabe1, Agree 100% with Shenzhennifer - go directly to agencies. Many of the English websites show very deceptive prices/postings. Go "local" and the prices will be much better.

Centaline Property has a site showing recent transactions (rental/sale) www.centadata.com. I read Chinese so usually use the Chinese site, but at first glance the English site seems up-to-date. They also have a list of properties here (but all in Chinese) http://web.centanet.com/findproperty/

I lived on Park Island, and loved it. Like Banane76 mentioned, resort living. 3-4 clubhouses with a combined 4-5 pools (indoor + outdoor), tennis courts, a beach, good play spaces for kids, restaurants, a park n shop...

@ Carang, that is my dream home if we were to choose to settle in HK. :)