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HELP! First-time mom visiting HK from NYC in April with a 6 month-old

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    Question HELP! First-time mom visiting HK from NYC in April with a 6 month-old

    Hi All!

    My hubby, 6 month-old baby, and my mom will be visiting HK in the end of April. We've been visiting HK at least once a year but this is the first time with a baby. I have some questions and need some advices on the following:

    1-Because the outbreak of swine flu is starting again in HK, my baby's pediatrician recommended us to use a stroller net/mesh to limit close proximity contact with baby. Will it be too hot to use a stroller net/mesh?

    2-There are conflicting recommendations when it comes to the usage of strollers vs baby carriers in HK. I am planning to bring both (I have the MaClaren Volvo Stroller and Baby Bjorn air baby carrier). Which one is more practical to use in HK considering the hot weather and overcrowding?

    3-We are planning to visit China (Specifically, Puning). What are your advices on bringing a 6 month-old there?

    4-How should I dress my baby when outdoors (heat and humidity) and indoors (strong air conditioning)?

    I know I have more questions but can't think of them right now. Maybe I'll come back and add on more questions.

    Any suggestions, recommendations, or advices on the above questions are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    Hi Cindyella, yep bring both. What you use would depend on where you're staying and planning to go. If you're in central or in one of the hotels attached to a shopping mall then a stroller is great. If you're planning on doing a lot of walking around the back streets with steps then use a carrier. Personally I never take a stroller out unless my husband is there to help with the steps but that's just me, I prefer to be mobile.

    Neither should be to hot, I mean, it is what it is, there's not any way to make it cooler and you need to take your baby with you! On your doctor's advice, I don't think a net is necessary unless you want to, as I recall swine flu is spread by contact, saying no if someone wants to touch your baby would work too. Take some antiseptic wipes and hand cleaner to wash their hands if someone grabs them or to wipe down any suspect surfaces and it should be fine - you can be careful but you can't eliminate all risk or totally control your baby's environment.

    Dress your baby normally for warm weather then you can always wrap them up or put a blanket or cardi over them if they're in the stroller and you're in strong aircon. Again, how you dress them depends on where you're staying and what you are mostly planning to do, if you're doing a lot of outside walking or mostly in cabs and indoors.

    Enjoy your stay.

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